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The Tunisian Astronomical Society (S.A.T.) is a non-governmental scientific organization, founded in 1990 by a group of amateur astronomers. Its main objectives are to introduce Astronomy concepts to the Tunisian public and to supervise students in their academic research. SAT members who are merely unpaid volunteers (mostly students) meet regularly in order to study Astronomy, observe the sky and organize events that aim to simplify and popularize Astronomy, especially among teenagers all over the country, for free!

Among the SAT's main work strategies are the creation of regional Astronomy clubs and the introduction of astronomy courses to the official curriculum in primary and high schools and also at university level by providing the necessary human and material resources to the students for their academic research. The SAT publishes and translates into Arabic multiple scientific documents such as Tunisia’s yearly sky Ephemeris, besides it organizes and supervises different scientific seminars, conferences, workshops, internships, etc. The SAT is the official representative of the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project in Tunisia. The CBSAP is a worldwide solar astronomy outreach program that takes observatory quality telescopes and cameras to regional schools in order to teach our youth about the Sun and its many interesting features.


Dr. Ala'a Azzam


Pranvera Hayseni


Jamal Mimouni


Philippe Morel


Abdelhafid Bani


Marwan Shwaiki

United Arab Emirates

Besheir Marzouk


Adnan Alabed


Dalal Allala


Mourad Hamdouche


Dawoud Tarawa


Amr Abdulwahab


Event Schedule

Day 1: 17 Mars 2018

Departure from Tunis to Djerba

Welcoming Reception

Opening Ceremony

Day 2: 18 Mars 2018

Conferences Session

Lunch break

Workshops Session


Stargazing Session

Day 3: 19 Mars 2018

Conferences Session

Lunch break

Touristic Island Tour


Stargazing Session

Day 4: 20 Mars 2018

Conferences Session

Lunch break

Touristic Excursion


Closing Ceremony

Day 5: 21 Mars 2018


Departure from Djerba to Tunis


Registration for the 2nd International Symposium for Amateur Astronomy Students – ISAAS 2018 is now open. In order to participate please fill in the form carefully and note that due to the limited number of participants, not all candidates will have the chance to join us.
Accepted candidates will receive a response by Email as soon as possible.

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Tunisian Astronomical Society

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